The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.

Andy Warhol

The family filmmaker

capturing your family moments in motion

We've all been there, that deep into motherhood - forget to capture the moments and the immense guilt that follows. Documenting everyday moments doesn't have to be consuming or complicated. I've created a course teaching you how to capture your family on film (your iPhone videos) and how to stitch them together to make a beautiful film you'll cherish for a lifetime. For only $39 it's a gamechanger to creating memories for your family.

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I've never been in love with photographs that are posed, forced, and not true to your family dynamic. I want to create images for you that encompass emotion, connection, love and personality so that in 30 years when you look back, that feeling comes rushing back to you. I go into every session with the idea in mind that I'm creating a legacy of images for you, for them.

My promise,

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