We arrived after 5pm and despite the line of cars being long getting through the gate, the park itself wasn't overly crowded. It's a sight to see and worth every opportunity to get there to see it for yourself. The kids loved climbing and hiking around, it seemed as though every where you turned, there was a new unique location to check out. We weren't there long for the sake of time and needing to move on to our next location, but for the amount of things we were able to see, it'll be a trip we take again.

If you're traveling with young kids, I recommend tennis shoes. Hiking boots will always be the best, but for the record, my oldest jumped out of the car and started walking before she realized she was still wearing her crocs. She made it without any problem, but from a safety stand point when climbing, I'd advise against crocs. If you have a pair of Vans, those worked great, and my brothers shoe of choice for this trip.