My sessions focus on capturing childhood. Each session is so different and unique, therefor it's easier for you to contact me about what you're looking to document so I can price your session accordingly. You can use the form in the contact tab above or email me directly at If you'd rather call, use 269-591-5126. Please understand I work from home so you may hear sweet kids in the background...who are we kidding, they'll probably be arguing or pretending they are starving.

A toddler drinking from the sink faucet.
A girl and a chocolate Labrador retriever playing in the snow during sunset in Michigan.
Kids hiking in the fog at Acadia National Park in Maine.
siblings playing on their swing set during sunset
A boy jumping off of a platform in a lake while throwing a little girl into the air.
A child in awe over the rock formations at Turkey Run State Park.
A child, her father and chocolate lab taking a walk during the winter evening during sunset.
A girl cleaning up the floors of a horse barn
Kids navigating the rocks at landscape at Turkey Run State Park.
A young girl walking a wooden path at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
Kids jumping rocks in a stream at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
A girl and her chocolate Labrador retriever running across the snowy ice at sunset in Michigan.
Two men free climbing a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park