Here are some links to help you along the way:

  • Every Kid Outdoors | National Park Foundation - every fourth grader can go online and for less than a minute of your time can answer a couple questions and then be awarded a National Park pass for free entry (for everyone in the same vehicle as your 4th grader) to all National Parks. This is good for August of the the beginning of their 4th grade year until the following August.
  • Keen Hiking Boots - we each bought a pair a few years back while hiking in Colorado and have loved them ever since. I'd recommend getting a waterproof pair for you and the kids, it sure makes it more fun to hike when you can walk through and hike just about anything.
  • Idgie Stitch - For the best outdoor inspired shirts to look extra cool on your trips. It's owned by two really cool people who love the outdoors and are passionate about what they do. (*cough* me and my mom *cough*)
  • Jackery - Have you ever clocked in over 100+ hours in a 12 passenger van with 12 people, 7 of which were children? I have a bit of experience with that and highly recommend buying a Jackery so you don't EVER have someone with a dead phone or iPad. This thing lasts forever and charged our devices more times than I can count in a single charge.
  • Vans - because Vans make every outfit even cooler. Besides that, if you don't want to buy a pair of hiking boots, my brother swears by Vans thanks to the awesome grip they provide.

Destinations & Adventures

I set out to make a blog of each location, however I also quickly realized I'm more of a visual person and I couldn't refrain from sharing a zillion images. You can click on each location and I'll tell you about our experience from a real family perspective.

Trips without galleries...

Big Sky, Montana

Easily one of my most favorite places in the country. Wide open landscapes with beautiful log homes and a stunning mountain backdrop. Need I say more? But seriously, I wouldn't mind a second home here, the animals we saw in our backyard at our AirBNB sealed the deal for me. If you're looking for a place to stay, I HIGHLY recommend THIS AirBNB.

Mount Rushmore