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When I started photography over a decade ago, I felt like I was struggling to understand things on my own. I spent hours watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials (which is hard when you aren't sure what things are called or even what to look up), I just could never grasp the concept. I am very much a hands on learning, I need to physically be doing it, I need someone to fully explain, show me, then let me do it.

I had a ridiculous amount of questions, I struggled to find the answers and my lack of confidence was starting to make me give up. I had the opportunity to be mentored by a working photographer and that was such a game changer.

I know there are creatives out there desperate to learn this industry, to be able to work from home while simultaneously caring for their babies. I want to help, I want to see you grow, I want to watch you take off and become a well known name in the industry. I want to be an open book for you to ask me any questions you have. I want to help guide you, provide you the knowledge I've learned along the way so you don't have to learn the hard way.


-Fully customizable to fit your needs (we'll focus on whatever you're needing help with)

-2 full hours via zoom meetings

-Website review

-Portfolio review

-Any and all questions you can fit into two hours



Is there a minimum amount of hours you book?

Yes, there's a two hour minimum but I also can do 4 and 8 hours (broken up into 2 hour increments)

Do you offer in-person mentor sessions where I can photograph a session with you so you can walk me through the process?

Yes, shoot me a message and we can discuss options.