So you can balance work and a family life

photo editing

I love the patience and care required to edit photos to get them just perfect. As a photographer with over a decade+ spent in the industry, I understand the amount of time it takes to cull and edit a session. Busy season kicks in and it's all you can do to keep up with the session workload on top of the editing plus your family life. That's where a photo editor comes in to lessen the load. From maternity to family sessions, newborn sessions to seniors, weddings to boudoir and everything in between, let's tone down your mental load and team up together to get you back focusing on your client experience.

$0.35 per image includes: preset application, exposure, white balance, crop/straighten, all basic panel and all HSL panel.

Add ons:

Culling - $0.05

Spot removal/Blemishes - $0.50

Radial filters - $0.50

Adding portraiture - $0.50


How do you ensure consistency?

When you prepare your images to send over, you will pre-edit a few photos (when the light changes). These are your anchor images or what we call the sneak peaks that you normally send to your clients. I will match my edits to that image to ensure consistency.

What software do you edit with?

I edit with Lightroom for preset application, exposure etc. I use photoshop to remove objects, blemishes and for all touch ups

I get asked this all the time...

"but how do I get my images over to you?"

Exporting your Lightroom Catalog

Simply export your images that you are outsourcing as a catalog from Lightroom and drop it into a shared folder through Dropbox! When I edit your images and send them back, because I am using Lightroom, you're able to see what I did to the photos and you can alter any settings if need be. Below is step by step instructions.

  1. Find only the images you want me to edit.
  2. Drop the File Menu down and select "Export as Catalog."
  3. A dialogue box will pop up. Make sure "Export Selected Photos Only" and "Build/Include Smart Previews" are the only options selected.
  4. When naming your export folder, please include your first initial and last name followed by a good title for this order. For example, "CSmith_WilsonWedding" or "CSmith_Brandon+Sarah".
  5. When export is finished, zip your catalog folder so you only have one item to upload. If you have a Mac, select both items, right click and select "Compress two items."
  6. Find our shared Dropbox folder and place the zipped catalog into the "To-Edit" folder.
  7. Please email me to let me know your catalog is ready to edit and attach any specific notes about the job you may have
  8. Editing turnaround times take about 3-5 business days and I will notify you when it's finished.