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in the frame

I've spent more than a decade photographing families, my children, my family. I realized after sorting through several boxes of images that pictures of me WITH my girls, is few and far between. It's time I hand off my camera to someone else and start documenting my life with my most favorite people in the whole world - with me in the frame.

documenting this motherhood journey

Motherhood can feel like an ongoing cycle of the same thing day after day. The mundane, the constant needs of your family can leave you drowning in a never ending feeling of sadness, depression and loss of ones self. This is my own personal effort to remind myself of just how fortunate I am to have this life. One day, I'll miss these moments.

I hope it inspires you to to find beauty in the chaos.

not human

I've spent my entire career documenting humans in all forms, in all genres. This is a personal project to push me to notice the world around me, to focus on the little details. Whether it be the sticky hand prints or the beautiful building along our walks, this project is about slowing down and being fully present in this beautiful world.

from their perspective

I'm handing over my camera to my children. I want to see from their perspective what they find is special to them, the moments they feel are worth capturing and the ability for them to be an active participant in documenting their own childhood, from their perspective.