I photography family stories.

this time with your kids is so important

The day to day moments in life are what make up our real family story. Your routines, the look of your home, the personalities, the favorite toys...these type of moments are what your children will tell their children about. Real life is the most cherished, what is most valued and the type of images your family will hold on to for generations to come. Leaving your family a legacy of images is an investment worth just as much as the home you live in. We are after all, creating a LIFE, let's document it.

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Time is a thief, let's make this happen.

Don't look back and wish you would have documented the moments

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

invest in a legacy of images

Sessions are tailored to your family story. Whether it be at home or a location that means something to your family, we'll go over all of the details to make sure the images you receive stir your soul and capture the magic of your beautiful family.

Sessions start at $950 and include all final images, please contact me for details.

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A toddler drinking from the sink faucet.
A girl and a chocolate Labrador retriever playing in the snow during sunset in Michigan.
Kids hiking in the fog at Acadia National Park in Maine.
siblings playing on their swing set during sunset
A boy jumping off of a platform in a lake while throwing a little girl into the air.
A child in awe over the rock formations at Turkey Run State Park.
A child, her father and chocolate lab taking a walk during the winter evening during sunset.
A girl cleaning up the floors of a horse barn
Kids navigating the rocks at landscape at Turkey Run State Park.
A young girl walking a wooden path at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
Kids jumping rocks in a stream at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
A girl and her chocolate Labrador retriever running across the snowy ice at sunset in Michigan.
Two men free climbing a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park

Kind words

Valerie Jones

“Caryn has the amazing ability to turn completely ordinary moments into beautiful photographs that stir up so many emotions. Some of the photographs of my kids I've received from her have literally brought me to tears. She is worth every cent to capture your memories, truly a worthy investment.”

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